Environmental Permitting

GPR has the capability to coordinate and manage the site design and document preparation relating to the acquisition of environmental permits on the local, State and Federal levels. GPR’s environmental permitting services also include coordinating the services of wetlands scientists, geotechnical engineers, Licensed Site Professionals and wildlife habitat scientists. GPR also provides environmental construction observation / inspection in fulfillment of specific permit requirements (DEP and NPDES) and professional consulting services to municipal Conservation Commissions.


Environmental Permitting filings include:

  • MA Ch. 131 Wetlands Protection Act (RDA, ANRAD, NOI)
  • MEPA Environmental Notification Forms (ENF)
  • Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program (NHESP)
  • NPDES Notices of Intent
  • Army Corps of Engineers (Section 10 and 404 Permit)
  • Waterways (Chapter 91 Licenses)
  • Negotiations with Regulatory Authorities
  • Construction Support