Dam Inspection / Repairs

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation requires that all private and public dam owners register, inspect, and maintain dams in good operating condition. Regulation 302 CMR 10.07 states that dam owners must hire a qualified engineer to inspect and report results every 2 years for High Hazard Potential, every 5 years for Significant Hazard Potential, and every 10 years for Low Hazard Potential. GPR, Inc. is well experienced in providing the services for the preparation of Phase 1 Inspection Reports and will work with Clients to ensure that dam ownership responsibilities are understood and fulfilled.

Phase 1 Inspection and Reports require:

  • Research history of dam, including design plans, historical operating records, and insurance (FIRM) flood studies
  • Evaluate existing conditions at the site based on visual inspections and a review of available reports, investigations and data previously submitted by the owner
  • Recommendations for immediate or longer-term remedial action
  • Preparation of Operation & Maintenance Plans and Emergency Action Plans